Still Life with Pumpkin

Still Life with Pumpkin

Color is my obsession as an artist. I’ve written an award-winning book on color for quilters, but color in painting is far more complex.

Mixing hues, warms and cools, intense and dull all work together to make an exciting painting. I love the bold hues of the apples and pumpkin against the blue bowl and green mug (my husband’s Scoutmaster mug).

We live near a pumpkin farm and apple orchards, so fall is a wonderful time of year here. No lack of inspiration for painting.

16×20″ watercolor on cold-pressed paper


Field of Poppies

Fields of Poppies

Taking my son to summer camp, I spotted the most beautiful field of poppies and had to stop to take photos.  I had already dropped off my older son at camp, and my younger son was in his car seat shouting “let’s go!”

Art waits for no one. I snapped as many photos as I could, and have painted this scene countless times as well as made an award-winning art quilt from it.

Watercolor on cold-pressed paper