My Latest Watercolor Painting

Can’t get enough of St. Joe Peninsula State Park. We’ve been coming here for 15 years and I never tire of it. I painted this #pleinair as soon as the park opened to avoid the heat. A heron obliged by showing up as soon as I started. 5×7″ #watercolorpainting #landscape #floridastateparks #mariapeagler #30paintingsin30days

My Latest Watercolor Painting

Early Sunset. I captured this scene while the sky was still blue at the top but turning bright oranges and scarlet on the horizon. I could paint a sunset every night and no two would look the same.
5×7″ $57 #watercolorpainting on 140-lb cold-pressed paper #landscape #sunset #beach #capesanblas #mariapeagler #30paintingsin30days

Dusk at Fort Mountain State Park

I painted this plein air at the beginning sunset at Fort Mountain State Park in Chatsworth, Georgia. I captured the light and shadow as they danced on the fence, rocks and trees. While it was light when I started, by the time I was finished, I was in almost total darkness in my hike back to my car.

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$127, 9×12″ watercolor painting on Arches cold-pressed 140lb paper.


@gastateparks @exploregeorgia #landscapepainting #pleinairpainter #mariapeagler

My Quiet Place

In a world filled with noise

Everyone talking

Is anyone listening?

I have my quiet place

Always near a towering trunk

A person or two coming and going

Enjoying their quiet place

I marked the first day of fall by painting a hot day that still feels like summer.  This peaceful alcove is one of my favorite spots in my community because it’s always quiet.

#pleinairpainter #watercolorpainting #landscape #mariapeagler

My Latest Watercolor Painting

Wildflowers in Crested Butte. These flowers were in a neighbor’s yard and I designed this scene to include the purple wildflowers and mountains, which we’re nearby but not in the same composition. #artisticlicense #wildflowerfestival #crestedbutte #landscape #mariapeagler

Hay Bales, Composed

I spent a lot of time composing this painting. It’s from a photograph of a farm with two barns, a truck, and the hay bales. The photo was a far away shot and in landscape format.

I was immediately drawn to the lines of the two barns where they intersected the hay bales.  I played up the contrast there and made it the center of interest in the composition.

The tree on the right was my own addition, a little artistic license to keep you in the painting.

I used a split-complementary color scheme here of blue, red-orange and yellow-orange, with a little red-violet thrown in for accent.

I’ve been helping a friend who is struggling a bit with watercolor, and my advice was to learn to let the watercolor do the work.  As Keiko Tanabe says, “you’re a team.” I let the colors mingle on the paper and granulate in the upper barn roof.

Those colors are my “secret recipe.” I use a Daniel Smith pigment that I’ve never heard of anyone else using, and I discovered it by accident. But it’s now my favorite, and I work it into as many paintings as possible.

I adore the way this turned out. This is my style: bold color and lots of drama.

The exercise was from Brienne M. Brown’s class on Composition over at