Afternoon at Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

moraine lake canoes watercolor painting banff national parkSecond in a series from our family vacation in Banff National Park, Canada. I enjoy painting in a series, as it allows me to express something unique in each. There’s often so much to take in while in nature, I can’t get everything in a single painting.

6×9″ watercolor on 140lb hot press paper. $75 to and you’re the lucky owner!

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Canoes at Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

My family visited the park this summer and we all fell in love with Moraine Lake. The most beautiful spot I’ve ever seen. 6×9″ watercolor on 140lb hot press paper. $75 to See my gallery on #dailypaintworks to view the entire painting.
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My Latest Watercolor Painting

I turned lemons into lemonade with this painting. My beloved lab Shadow fell out of our truck (she was in the back seat on my son’s lap and leaned too far out the window). It was on a Sunday, so I had to take her to an emergency vet.

The only vet open on Sunday was in Blue Ridge, a scenic mountain town about an hour from me. Thankfully she was ok, but on the way home I stopped to take some photos of the gorgeous vistas.

I’ve long wanted to paint hay bales, and did this one directly: no drawing, just paint directly on the paper.

Ebo Landing at Frederica River

St. Simon’s Island is one of my family’s favorite vacation spots, and where we have a family reunion each year.  My husband has family in this beautiful island town, and they graciously provide their homes as our gathering spots for the reunions.

As a thank you, I painted this for my husband’s cousin.  He has a home on the Frederica River, and has a retired pilot boat he use to drive to guide large ships through the channel between Jekyll & St. Simon’s islands.

This painting how hangs in a place of honor in his home.

Still Life with Pumpkin

Still Life with Pumpkin

Color is my obsession as an artist. I’ve written an award-winning book on color for quilters, but color in painting is far more complex.

Mixing hues, warms and cools, intense and dull all work together to make an exciting painting. I love the bold hues of the apples and pumpkin against the blue bowl and green mug (my husband’s Scoutmaster mug).

We live near a pumpkin farm and apple orchards, so fall is a wonderful time of year here. No lack of inspiration for painting.

16×20″ watercolor on cold-pressed paper


Field of Poppies

Fields of Poppies

Taking my son to summer camp, I spotted the most beautiful field of poppies and had to stop to take photos.  I had already dropped off my older son at camp, and my younger son was in his car seat shouting “let’s go!”

Art waits for no one. I snapped as many photos as I could, and have painted this scene countless times as well as made an award-winning art quilt from it.

Watercolor on cold-pressed paper