Field of Poppies

Fields of Poppies

Taking my son to summer camp, I spotted the most beautiful field of poppies and had to stop to take photos.  I had already dropped off my older son at camp, and my younger son was in his car seat shouting “let’s go!”

Art waits for no one. I snapped as many photos as I could, and have painted this scene countless times as well as made an award-winning art quilt from it.

Watercolor on cold-pressed paper


Tulips in an Ebay Vase

My husband gave me these tulips for Mother's day. I placed in my one of my favorite vases, found from all places, Ebay.
My husband gave me these tulips for Mother’s day. I placed in my one of my favorite vases, found from all places, Ebay.

Tulips have such a strong, yet delicate form. They don’t grow well in Georgia, so I buy them from my local grocery store or paint the ones my husband so lovingly gifts to me.

This is one of my favorite vases: it has lovely scallops around the top, and graceful curves on the handle.

I bought it, from all places, on Ebay. One person’s trash is truly another’s treasure.

Watercolor, 8×10″ on Arches cold-press paper


Roses, Tulips & Football Weekends

Roses & Tulips for Football Weekends
As the only woman in an all-male household, I’m the lone holdout on football weekends. I’m interested in the games, but not glued to the television.

So painting is what I do while the men in my home are yelling at the television, rooting for UGA and the Atlanta Falcons.

This is the same setup as my Floral Still Life, without the apple and blue dish. I actually painted this one first, and love the triadic color scheme and use of violets, warm and cool.

Watercolor, 8×10″ on Arches cold-pressed paper