Forwarding Address

“Forwarding Address,” #11×14, available, $157.

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This painting is part of the Blue Ridge Arts Association exhibit from the plein air event last weekend. The exhibit will be up through Oct. 13 and is a don’t-miss.

This little country church is part of the Stanley community in Blue Ridge, Georgia and has graves dating back to the Civil War.

While most everyone else at the event was painting the Toccoa river or the Appalachian mountains, I sought out the undiscovered beauty during the plein air event.


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Blue Ridge Steeple Study

This weekend I participated in my first plein air event in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  I took Karen Margulis’ class on plein air painting (more to come on the class later), and I painted this study quickly.

Blue Ridge has a famous train and tracks running through downtown, and historic buildings. So why did I choose a steeple?

This is the First United Methodist Church on W. Main Street in downtown Blue Ridge.  It’s for sale, like so many other churches located on valuable property.  This building, when sold, will likely be torn down, making way for commercial properties.

That’s why I chose it.  It’s a icon that is a sign of progress in so many ways.

I also loved the light on the steeple.

I did a full painting from this study and it’s included in the month-long exhibit at The Art Center in Blue Ridge.

This is another of my paintings for #30paintingsin30days with a sky theme.

Price: $57

5×7″, watercolor, on Arches 140-lb cold-press paper.

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Reflected Light

Plein Air study of old Fannin County courthouse and crepe myrtle in front. From yesterday’s class with @karenmargulis, a pastel artist from Marietta.  I’ll be writing a blog post about her class next week.

Karen had just completed a demonstration of painting plein air and chose this tree as her subject.  It was blazing hot, and I didn’t want to drag my supplies across town to find a new location.

So I painted in the same spot, but added the backdrop of the old courthouse, with the columns’ background bathed in orange reflected light.

5×7″ #watercolorpainting on Arches 140-lb cold-pressed paper. #blueridge #pleinair #landscape #30paintingsin30days #mariapeagler

Price: $57

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Paris View from Musee d’Orsay


For my 50th birthday, I “gifted” myself a solo trip to Paris, where I visited every art museum I could.  My favorite was the Musee d’Orsay, with so many Impressionist paintings.

This was the view from inside the museum, behind the enormous clock facing the Seine. I loved this view, and painted it two years after my trip.

Watercolor, 8.5×10″ on Arches cold-pressed paper