Colored Block Studies in Watercolor

Painting the light effect today in block studies. NFS.

This is the style of watercolor I love most, but it’s unique in that it doesn’t stress transparency, but seeing and painting the light.

Most impressionist painters work in oil. While some watercolorists claim to paint in an impressionistic style, they are not truly painting the light effect.

I taught myself how to do this by poring over Painting the Impressionist Watercolor by Lee Boynton. He is the only person I know of who taught this technique.

Unfortunately, Lee passed away last year and I never had the opportunity to take a class with him.  I will continue my study of painting the light, doing my best to “scream at me with color” and “get the shock of the light,” two of the sayings from Lee’s book.

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The Quiet Men

These two men, my husband and son, share a quiet strength.  They are definitely the strong, silent type.

Here they shared a quiet moment watching the light rain falling over Mount Revelstoke, Canada.

We drove up to the Meadows in the Sky parkway and stopped to look down into the valley and watch the rain below.

This is again for the #30paintingsin30days with my sky theme.

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