Ellijay Apple Orchards

In the north Georgia mountains, we’re getting close to apple season!

This is the view from the top of the orchard hillside in Ellijay, a town in our state known for its apples.

I used an impressionist palette of only three colors and did a lot of mixing for variety.

9×12 watercolor on cold-pressed paper. #landscape #appleorchards #ellijay #appalachians #watercolor #mariapeagler

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Cloudy Day in Banff

View of Banff National Park from downtown center. It was a cloudy day and the mountain tops were shrouded in fog.

People stopped to ask me questions about what I was painting and my process. Many artists don’t like questions, but I love talking to people I would never have the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Our family visits national parks often, and I have a time-honored tradition of getting their rubber stamp inked on my journals.  I also had them stamp this watercolor paper in the bottom right corner.

9×12″ watercolor on cold-pressed paper. $97 #landscape #watercolor #pleinair #banffnationalpark #mariapeagler

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Woodbridge Inn Water Tower

water tower watercolor woodbridge inn jasper ga

Our little town has a famous chef: Hans Rueffert, who was on one of the Food Network’s reality chef shows years ago. His restaurant, The Woodbridge Inn, is a local favorite known for fresh, local dishes and creative pairings of food.

To get to the restaurant, you drive over this old wooden bridge with the huge water tower next to it. This scene is one of my favorites in downtown Jasper. I painted it plein air on a cloud day until lightning started, and then it was time for me to pack up! Fortunately, I got enough of this painted that I didn’t have to complete it at home.

9×12″, watercolor on cold-pressed paper, landscape, $75
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Blue Ridge Afternoon IV

Blue Ridge Afternoon IV in the series. This is a back road most people would never see. The beauty of Georgia’s rolling hills and mountains take my breath away. That feeling is what I wanted to capture in this series.
In this version, I emphasized the vineyards and used vibrant colors once again. 6×9″ watercolor on 140 lb cold-pressed paper. $75

#watercolor #blueridge #georgia #landscape #mountains #appalachians #mariapeagler

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Afternoon at Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

moraine lake canoes watercolor painting banff national parkSecond in a series from our family vacation in Banff National Park, Canada. I enjoy painting in a series, as it allows me to express something unique in each. There’s often so much to take in while in nature, I can’t get everything in a single painting.

6×9″ watercolor on 140lb hot press paper. $75 to PayPal.me/mariapeagler and you’re the lucky owner!

#mariapeagler #canoe #banff #watercolour #watercolor #nationalpark

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Canoes at Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

My family visited the park this summer and we all fell in love with Moraine Lake. The most beautiful spot I’ve ever seen. 6×9″ watercolor on 140lb hot press paper. $75 to PayPal.me/mariapeagler. See my gallery on #dailypaintworks to view the entire painting.
#watercolor #watercolorpainting #canoe #nationalpark #banff #morainelake #mariapeagler

My Latest Watercolor Painting

I turned lemons into lemonade with this painting. My beloved lab Shadow fell out of our truck (she was in the back seat on my son’s lap and leaned too far out the window). It was on a Sunday, so I had to take her to an emergency vet.

The only vet open on Sunday was in Blue Ridge, a scenic mountain town about an hour from me. Thankfully she was ok, but on the way home I stopped to take some photos of the gorgeous vistas.

I’ve long wanted to paint hay bales, and did this one directly: no drawing, just paint directly on the paper.