Room with a View

“Room with a View,” #8×10 watercolor.

This is the second #pleinair painting I did at the same location in #blueridge. Instead of facing the church, I tuned around to see this beautiful valley nestled into the mountains.

I like to think those two graves are a couple, hand in hand, enjoying the view from hill.

Part of the #BRAA exhibit showing through early Oct.
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Forwarding Address

“Forwarding Address,” #11×14, available, $157.

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This painting is part of the Blue Ridge Arts Association exhibit from the plein air event last weekend. The exhibit will be up through Oct. 13 and is a don’t-miss.

This little country church is part of the Stanley community in Blue Ridge, Georgia and has graves dating back to the Civil War.

While most everyone else at the event was painting the Toccoa river or the Appalachian mountains, I sought out the undiscovered beauty during the plein air event.


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Beauty and the Beast I

“Beauty and the Beast I” Available #5×7 watercolor study.

I came across this scene as I was driving on a rural Georgia highway, and it was such an odd juxtaposition I had to stop my car and pull over.

The sunflowers were past their bloom, yet provided such a beautiful setting for power plant. I pulled on my rubber boots and climbed a steep, muddy hill to capture this scene with my camera.

I would have loved to have painted it plein air, but I draw the line at painting along the side of a highway. I won’t go that far in the name of beauty!

Available, $57

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Persistence: Alabama’s Highest Lookout

Persistence. #5×7 watercolor, available. This granite outcropping and gnarled tree are from Pulpit Trail, the highest point in #alabama at #Cheahah State Park. Day 1 of the road trip to visit @samp47 and #pleinair paint along the way. #watercolorpainting #landscapepainting #mariapeagler


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Quittin’ Time: Kayaks at Dusk

Quittin’ Time

This was the scene as my husband and I pulled out kayaks out of the lake at dusk. We love to kayak together: he fishes, I paint. So we can be together, yet separate, each enjoying our own passion.

The lake was quiet, and the clouds reflected on it as we left. A perfect painting subject.

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